Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
— Picasso

I approach each canvas or paper or board with a sense of what next? To create is to wander around in your head and heart. 

Perhaps I always doodled as a child and as an adult. In fact in one art class, I was told to pay attention and stop doodling. I quit after that class. So you learn to paint when you find someone who says "go for it" which I found in a North Carolina artist, Jane Filer, who was teaching at the Art Center in Carrboro , N.C. Jane understood how I wanted to put color on the canvas, not draw a  sketch or think too much about what I was doing, just paint for the love of the process. Paint I did and have continued for some 10 years. I have been influenced by many great artists, alive and dead. I once read you can learn much from others, but more from yourself. You have to know who you are and create what is inside.

My work has been described as "fresh", "alive", "joyful". I like all these descriptions, since I work to create a world others will enjoy. 


An artist who has never been to an established art school, does not know what to put here. Suffice it to say I have exhibited my work widely, have had lots of patrons over the years, many repeat buyers, and while I am not a well-known painter, I am a painter who has had lots of luck. My work graces the halls of hospitals, clinics, law offices, Veterinary clinics and many homes throughout the USA, Canada and Europe. My work has been written about in many magazines and featured on their pages. One of my paintings "Spotty's Birthday Party" is part of a coloring book for patients at Duke Medical Center. 

I donate my work every year to good causes, mostly those that support animals. Southeastern Guide Dogs, Neuse River Golden Retriever Society, Golden Retriever National Society, No-Kill Shelters, YMCA Silent Auctions, to name a few. Contact me if you have a cause that needs to raise money through donations.

This year I collaborated on a children"s book with an old friend Rachel Stevens ...she wrote and I painted. Rachel had adopted a bichon named Buster and Buster became the voice for all her creative talents...Buster began to write poetry and she asked" would you do the paintings for the book?" I said yes so Ipainted 9 paintings of Buster and added paintings I had already created and had been sold into the book. We are proud of our little book which is delightful for all ages.


Another Donation of Art to the Southeastern Guide Dogs Silent Auction

One is retiring from service, one is in training and the baby is of our dog Worthington who is a Breeder.

One is retiring from service, one is in training and the baby is of our dog Worthington who is a Breeder.

Children are my biggest fans. The colors and animals draw them in and often they ask their parents to buy a painting.