About me

I began painting late in life and have continued this journey, learning many ways to paint and to create what is in my imagination. After a career in Nursing and retiring from Duke Medical Center, I began painting full-time. I have created many works of art and have been fortunate to have people who appreciate what I do.

                                       Fruit From the Market

                                       Fruit From the Market

How I Paint 

Painting for me is a creative process, most often I paint "out of my head" putting on canvas or paper whatever comes to me. I like using mixed media , putting different painting mediums in my work to create bold textures. I also like to work very simply with watercolors.

             Birdland This painting is 5 ft by 6 ft and is a show stopper!    


This painting is 5 ft by 6 ft and is a show stopper!



Big Bird and Little Blue Cat

Big Bird and Little Blue Cat

People and Places 

Places who own my paintings are many, including Medical Centers in N.C and Georgia, Law Offices, Veternariny clinics, Student Centers at Universities, and personal collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  Spotty's Birthday Party is in a Coloring Book for patients  at Duke Medical Center, Durham. N.C.

Articles about me have appeared in numerous publications. See more in Bio.