summer is here and very hot

I have been to art camp and back with new works now posted on my new paintings page on my website. Landscapes have been something i have explored this year since i love the land and the sky. Painting clouds is a challenge. I look at the sky with different eyes and see the puzzles above me. I notice the land more and how the light changes everything. It is a wonderful time to be alive and see all there is to see in this world. Off to Italy this fall to explore more of the coast ,Florence , Siena and return to the loved city of Venice. I have been to Venice 3 times and each time is just as magical as the first.

New wings ... taking a flight into landscape painting

Yes i have painted landscapes ... mostly ocean scapes in my painting life but last summer at  Nimrod Art Camp I took classes from a very talented landscape painter from Maryland , Sara Linda Poly. She is a plein aire painter and while i do not do plein aire I learned a few things.

Although she is a oil painter and I paint with acrylics, there were some things I learned and put in my painting satchel. So far I have painted about 12 landscapes this year mixing them in with my other work.  I like to paint what i have in my head and while I am painting outdoors I am constantly looking at the sky and the trees and birds and things that surround me in beautiful St Pete Florida. 

I hope you like what you see. Three already have a home in Washington State. 


Duke show is successful... the paintings have good home

I am always happy when my paintings find new homes and am curious about which ones sell first.

This year I experimented with a new colors going for a softer look compared to the bold colors I usually use. But guess what, they did not get homes. The paintings that sold were my typical paintings with the bright colors and the animals . Sold were :Windy Dog Town, Don't look Back, Moon Dancing, Blue Boy, Cyde, Less Lonely with Cat, Bowtie Dog, Two Cows and a Cat and a Sail Boat painting. 

This spring I also did a commission for a patron of her summer home in Grandfather Mountain full of her rescue dogs and children. 

Now onto another commission for a high school friend that includes the church my father pastored when we lived in College Hill, Ky.


Back to Florida

when there is frost ,south I must go... where the flowers bloom and there is no snow

This week I began my first Italy painting of the town of Corniglia , in Cinque Terra 

We hiked up the hill to this town that sits above the sea and then walked our way on a

goat path to the next town. It took us 3 hours but we made it.

I hope to capture Italy in my style and have them ready for the show May 4 at Duke Medical 


Back to old nc

The Carolina sky is blue and the leaves are turning the hues of the southwest  ,

but I am busy gathering furniture, pillows, linens and things of beauty to make our new nest

in Carrboro.   My paintings will be hung on newly painted white walls and await their 

next exhibits especially the one in May at Duke Medical Center . New paintings will come as

I paint with a purpose to capture a slice of Italy where we spent 3 weeks in September.  

Last week I went to Durham to a new gallery called Alizarin to meet Nancy Tuttle May , 

a well known abstract artist.   She discussed her painting process and often works on very

large canvas or paper, always working flat and using liquid paint with mixed media.  

I have completed a few abstracts and love the positive and negative spaces but often I  

cannot stop there. I think because I love to draw , stories will usually come to me as I create. 

Looking forward to getting back to painting now that my Carolina studio is set up and ready  

I will sit brush in hand , paints spread out before me , a blank canvas on the easel  and make

art .   It is my very happy place. 



Here we go again

In two weeks we pack up again and head back to the florida bungalow and my studio above the garage. It has been a great summer with shows and friends and family.

We have been so happy we have decided to come and stay for longer each year.

I will rejoin the Orange County Studio Tour hopefully for next fall and look forward to my show at

Duke Medical Center in May 2016. 


Last fall the old Foster's Market became The Root Cellar under the same ownership as last year but with a new name... but same food and staff.

This will be my third year showing my art here ,and as the first artist to ask that they showcase local art ,I am pleased to always come back with new paintings.

This year I will show lots of new paintings and a few from last year that i wanted to bring back for another outing. Some of these paintings have been hanging in my own home so it is nice to bring them back to show the public

I was also asked by The Root Cellar to donate a painting to the silent auction for The Table so am happy to give them a painting for this cause. 

Painting for 5 days straight

  Sunday I pack up all my paints, brushes, canvas and easel and drive north to Millboro Springs for a week of painting napping eating and praying for cool weather since the cottages have no ac .

Freedom to paint without interruption is a real positive experience.Horses and cows dot the landscape as you drive through the mountains. Life slows. Time is made for reading and studying and learning from fellow painters. The cow bell rings 3 times a day and we go like a string of ants to the dining room for home cooking, a nimrod tradition. 

Look for new paintings coming back to chapel hill on this site.


Here we Go Again

Paintings and more paintings are coming... alway new and always interesting.

June 5, 2015

New plans for the summer including a show of small paintings at Johnny's in Carrboro owed by friend and x neighbor Jan Halle. 

July 2015

Back to the old Foster's Market now The Root Cellar for my 3rd year. First artist to hang here after talking to the new owners about showing local artists' work. 

As always new paintings for the great crowd there who love the place as much as I do.

Chocolate Whoppers and Scones!

Wells Fargo in Meadowmont will also feature some of my paintings on their walls again this summer. 




We have returned to st pete after a wonderful summer in chapel hill/carrboro.

I will return Sept 26 to take the show down at Foster's Market and start looking for a studio rental space in St Petersburg for this next year. 

Our dog Worthy has been retired from being a breeder for SEGD so we are not free to roam. We will start our search for a place in Chapel Hill to own so we can spend more time there. 

Meanwhile I will do a commission for my nephew and his wife for their new house...






Hanging at Foster's July 13

So now the work begins for the actual show which involves the details of making tags and pricing all the works and deciding which paintings to start with for the opening.

The press releases have gone out so those will hopefully appear although often I have to send them more than once.


We will be here another month so will invite all my friends and customers to come by.

Here's to a successful show like last year and hoping to have these new paintings adopted to good homes. 





Returning to Nimrod Hall

Today I am organizing my paints and canvas and paper to return to the Virginia mountaints and the  magical place called Nimrod Hall ,an artist painting camp. You can learn more by visiting the website created by its owner Laura Loe, a wonderful artist and person. Just type in Nimrod Hall and you will find it.

Many artist and art teachers have been coming here for years and years. No air conditioning may deter lots of people, but the love of the place does not stop us from going and sleeping to the humming  of the box window fans. We eat when the cow bell rings and paint and paint until we are exhausted.

My sister Rosann Hargrove, an art teacher now retired, drives to meet me from Louisville, Ky. It is a good bonding time for us. Everyone needs a good sister and I am lucky to have one. While she is a realistic painter, she is my "go to" person for critiques when i need them. 


 cottage at Nimrod Hall artist camp

cottage at Nimrod Hall artist camp